Electric Trilogy

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Electric Trilogy
ELECTRIC TRILOGY Sophomore Extended Play Album by AGNESZ ANNA. The singles Baby be Mine, Once and Kurt belong to the 2nd EP Album. Undergrou

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Liner Notes

Electric Trilogy is the sophomore EP from artist Agnesz Anna. Agnesz Anna financed this ep through crowd funding. The EP is called Electric Trilogy because it's a Concept EP that entails 3 different experiences, 3 different styles and 3 different sides of one woman. The new work has a more electric, cinematic and rougher approach. The state of being and influences at the time has made it so. I hope you enjoy it!


EP Album Electric Trilogy Credits:
Singer-songwriter: Agnesz Anna
Producer: Reza Twahyr, Agnesz Anna
Music: Reza Twahyr, Agnesz Anna
Lyrics: Agnesz Anna
Guitar Baby Be Mine: Gijs Snijders
Guitar Once and Kurt: Tim van Elten
Engineer: Reza Twahyr
Mix: Reza Twahyr
Master: Ivo Statinski
All rights reserved by Agnesz Anna


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